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Achieving more together 


Syokimau Residents Association (SRA) represents the interest of residents of Syokimau Estate. SRA is a registered legal entity under the Laws of Kenya, as a company limited by Guarantee.

SRA works to benefit the residents of Syokimau within Mavoko Municipality by associating them together, and also with the central government, the local authorities, voluntary and other organizations to improve the quality of life in Syokimau and to engender a sense of community through the provision of community activities and facilities.

Syokimau is the fastest growing residential area and the latest suburb of Nairobi Metropolitan following decongesting the city of Nairobi campaign. It is part of Mavoko Subcounty. It is neighbouring Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on the south end and across from KAPA Oil Refineries along Mombasa Road. It is only 15 minutes from downtown Nairobi. Syokimau has grown from a few homes in 2002 to numerous estates, and exclusive Bungalows and villas.

Syokimau is a residential area in the west of Machakos County, Kenya, just south of Nairobi and Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. The place is named after the great Prophetess and healer Syokimau of the Akamba people. Syokimau Prophesied the coming of the white people to Kenya and also prophesied the construction of the Mombasa to Kisumu railway line. In her prophecy, she said she could see people of a different colour carrying fire inside waters which were later to be understood as white people in vessels carrying matchboxes and guns. She prophesied seeing a long snake that whose head was in the Indian Ocean and the tail was in Lake Victoria.